Pragmatic Play Celebrates “two Years Of Success In Latin America”

Pragmatic Play Celebrates “two Years Of Success In Latin America”

In a new announcement, Pragmatic Play’s authorities celebrated the results obtained after two years of operation in Latin America.

“Two years have passed since that day when, with great expectations, many challenges ahead, and a great commercial strategy, Pragmatic Play decided to launch in an extremely promising market: Latin America. Today, we pause to reflect on some of our most important achievements in this territory,” they said.

Commenting on how their project began, the company’s authorities stated: “After giving shape to numerous plans and purposes, we kicked off the great project of bringing the wide range of Pragmatic Play products to the Latin American continent, but not from a distance, but through the establishment of a local division that would be familiar with the market’s intricacies, and would carry out a more than ambitious task: to offer a completely localized product and service.”

“We remember that first step as a great challenge, in which we began to outline the path that our brand would follow in the region,” they added. On June 1, 2020, this success story began, led by our Vice President of Latam Operations, Victor Arias, who since then has been the great promoter and person responsible for the growth, evolution, and expansion of Pragmatic Play in Latin America.”

“In a very short amount of time, our Latin American hub began with the creation of a multidisciplinary team of professionals from all over the region and, soon, it was necessary to think big, as the impact of our brand in the region was growing. Little by little, we added professionals in order to respond adequately to the demand of a market thirsty for high-quality entertainment and excellent service. At the same time, we continued to pursue our main objectives: expansion and localization,” the company’s authorities stated.

“Just 24 months later we are a solid team, with committed professionals, managing a clear strategy in each of the departments that today make up our Latin American division: vice-presidency, a robust commercial team, a marketing department, an outstanding account management team, and our new regional legal department,” they emphasized.

For the company, “what one day began as an ambitious project is now a reality: we are a group of professionals established in different parts of the territory, consolidating the Pragmatic Play brand throughout the continent.”

“Our growth is nothing more than a reflection of the great acceptance of our product in the market and the preference of the end user,” they explained. “We are extremely proud of the results achieved, surpassing even our own expectations, as we currently have more than 20 professionals distributed in seven countries: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Peru, and Uruguay. Most definitely, our localization project does not stop, we are still growing!”

In another segment of its press release, the company states: “The large number of agreements, the long list of commercial partners, and the unsurpassed number of users who prefer our products throughout the region fill us with pride. This represents the incredible acceptance of our innovations, user experience, and high-performance products; the highest standards in technology, and the demand for the highest quality of service.”

“Due to the very high demand for our content, we maintain a constant rhythm in the signing of new agreements, which allows us to maintain our leadership throughout the territory and also strengthen our position in each of the markets, considerably expanding our audience, to which we deliver the highest quality of entertainment,” the statement further reads.

“Another great sign of our expansion is the surprising number of awards we have received from the industry,” they added, alluding to the various recognitions they have received from the industry in the last two years.

“As of today, we have 11 important awards dedicated to our product, to our work team, and to the huge dedication of our leader, which fills us with pride and motivates us to continue along the path initially outlined. Some of the awards that confirm Pragmatic Play’s position at a continental level are: Best Content Provider Latam, Best Game Producer, and Best Responsive Mobile Product Latam, as well as those that honor Victor Arias’ trajectory: Best Gaming Executive Latam and Top 5 Leaders of the Online Industry in Latin America,” the company said.

“A countless number of people and companies have valued the contribution of Pragmatic Play in Latin America during this time and showed it to us not only with awards but also with valuable invitations to participate in the exhibitions of the different events of the industry, attended by our outstanding vice-president,” officials added.

“To all of you, we say, thank you! We would like to close this brief summary of the first two years of our hub in Latin America with a warm appreciation to all those who are part of our success. To each of our team members, thank you for your passion, for your commitment, for the reliability and seriousness in the implementation of each of our strategies and tasks, and for your daily dedication,” company authorities said, while adding: “To our business partners in the region, thank you for the trust you place in our product and in our personalized service. And to all the media, thank you very much for making it possible for us to share updates about our operations and to get even closer to our followers, collaborators and friends.”