MGM Resorts Foundation Gives Out $2M In Grants To Non-Profits In Jurisdictions Where The Company Operates

MGM Resorts Foundation Gives Out $2M In Grants To Non-Profits In Jurisdictions Where The Company Operates

The MGM Resorts Foundation announced Wednesday it has awarded nearly $2 million in the form of 82 grants to nonprofit organizations located in communities around the country in which the gaming giant operates, including Southern Nevada, Michigan, Mississippi, New Jersey, New York, Northeast Ohio, the DC Metropolitan area and Western Massachusetts.

Funding was awarded to organizations that provide basic needs services to community residents. These are the result of contributions made to the Community Grant Fund by MGM Resorts employees as well as guests.

Grant decisions are made by the Company’s Community Grant Councils, a voluntary committee of employees who represent their respective regions. The committee distributes donations not ear-marked for specific nonprofit organizations or programs into a grant fund with awards based on a competitive proposal process.

Maria Jose Gatti, Executive Director of Community Engagement for MGM Resorts International, said: “Year after year we are amazed at the generosity of our employees and now guests. In 2022, MGM Resorts employees gave to 82 nonprofit organizations that serve the communities where we live and work.”

“On behalf of our grant recipients, thank you to those who gave to the Community Grant Fund, providing vital assistance to our communities, including medical care, mental health counseling, food and shelter,” she added.

The MGM Resorts Foundation was established in 2002 as a vehicle for MGM Resorts employees to contribute to important charitable causes. Since inception, the Foundation has raised more than $100 million and supported more than 1,500 charitable organizations.

“MGM Resorts is committed to strengthening the livelihood, capacity and resiliency of communities, developing sustainable institutions, supporting good jobs, promoting next generation skill development and collaborating with the public sector, policy makers, educators and nonprofit organizations,” the company stated.

MGM Resorts claims to hold “a bold vision” for social impact and sustainability through its “Focused on What Matters: Embracing Humanity and Protecting the Planet” program. Guided by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, the company set concrete goals that are woven into the business’ strategic plans.