New York And Louisiana Clear Blackhawk Network To Provide Sports Betting Payments And Gift Cards

New York And Louisiana Clear Blackhawk Network To Provide Sports Betting Payments And Gift Cards

Blackhawk Network announced Thursday it has received approval by the New York Gaming Commission and the State of Louisiana to provide its payments and sports betting gift card services in both states. This includes Blackhaw’s Game On card, which features multiple sportsbook brands, allowing consumers to add funds to their accounts with select sports betting operators.

“As the sports betting industry continues to grow by double digits, new innovations in the payment and customer acquisition space will be critical to the industry’s success”, the company reflected in an official press release.

As sports betting earns state approval in respective states across the U.S., the industry is seeing significant spikes in sports betting dollars spent. For instance, second-quarter sports wagering revenue in 2022 soared to $1.42 billion, a 58.7% increase over the same period in 2021.

Steve Dekker, Managing Director, Americas, Blackhawk Network, stated: “As a branded payments provider for many top retailers, we’re bullish about providing our partners with the most compelling and on-trend gift card content, which now includes our Game On cards and other single-branded sports betting products”.

“As New York, Louisiana, and other states upon approval continue growth in the gaming category, we’re pleased to be able to provide retailers with another option for players to spend, budget and also gift the entertainment of sports betting”, he said.

The Game On cards from Blackhawk Network, which were introduced in 2020, have seen “quick adoption and expansion”. Since its launch, the Game On cards have helped give players the flexibility of a new funding option for any sports fan. Now, the Game On cards are approved for sale at New York and Louisiana retailers or as an egift available for purchase on GetGameOn.

Players can use the money associated with a Game On card to fund their accounts with several operators, including FanDuel Sportsbook, DraftKings Sportsbook, BetRivers and BetMGM, with options varying by state.

“This innovative way to fund sports betting accounts is expected to become available in additional states, subject to applicable law and state approval”, the company stated.