EGT Joins Bulgarian NGO Operation Teddy Bear In Mentoring Program For Underprivileged Young People

EGT Joins Bulgarian NGO Operation Teddy Bear In Mentoring Program For Underprivileged Young People

Casino equipment manufacturer and provider EGT announced it has joined the year-round Mentoring Program ‘The Hidden Talents of Bulgaria’ of the association Operation Teddy Bear, as part of its social responsibility efforts. The program gives a chance for university application and professional realization to gifted young people, deprived of parental care or from socially disadvantaged families.

The program provides access to private lessons, seminars, workshops, camps, and competitions, work with an individual mentor, scholarships, textbooks, equipment, and everything necessary for the success of each talented young man or woman.

As part of its commitment to the program, EGT will support Stephen Tsokin and Nadezhda Katsarkova to develop their talent and find their professional way, the company said.

“We are proud to be a part of ‘The Hidden Talents of Bulgaria’ Program because we believe that everyone deserves a chance to show what they are capable of, especially when it comes to such endowed young people like Stephen and Nadezhda,” said Vladimir Dokov, CEO of EGT.

Tsokin is 19 years old and his passion is Japanese animations. He has been part of the ‘Hidden Talents of Bulgaria’ Program for 5 years and thanks to it he has completed courses in drawing, 3D animation, and design. He is currently a student majoring in Graphic Design at the New Bulgarian University in Sofia and this summer he will have the opportunity “to put into practice what he has learned so far and to acquire new knowledge and skills as an intern graphic designer in EGT.”

Meanwhile, Katsarkova graduated from the National School of Applied Arts in Tryavna and was accepted to continue her education at the reputable Instituto Europeo di Design in Milan. In order for this to happen, EGT will cover the cost of accommodating for the first 10 months of her stay.

“I am confident that Stephen and Nadezhda will fully justify the trust we place in them, and I am glad that it is EGT that will help these talented young people build a decent future for themselves,” Dokov concluded.