Yogonet Celebrates Its First 20 Years In The Gaming Industry

Yogonet Celebrates Its First 20 Years In The Gaming Industry

To our readers and advertisers,

We reach out to all of you, speaking for the first time in the first person, to celebrate together the first 20 years of Yogonet Gaming News.

At the end of 2002, the first online version of Yogonet was born: a news site that, twenty years after its launch, continues to be a benchmark in the industry and, above all, a source of information for all those involved in this incredible sector. Today, a world without wifi connections, social networks, and real-time video calls is unthinkable, but back then, monthly printed magazines were practically the only means of contact within the gaming industry, a booming economic sector that was experiencing the peak of the technological growth of slots as well as the expansion of gaming halls.

The world of casinos was flooded with the first video screens, the Las Vegas Strip began its modernization by adding gigantic properties that amazed the world, and at the same time, modern casinos and hotels opened their doors in Asia to give life to the new gaming hub in that continent.

In the midst of this unique and unforgettable context, Latin America also joined this process, with unprecedented regulatory growth and professionalization of its executives.

And so it was that, timidly, the first newsletters with news in Spanish and English began to arrive daily in the email inboxes of the main executives of the sector. Before long, we were able to complement the existing communication channels and offer a new way of giving the news that was more flexible, faster, and more professional than any other, making Yogonet the most frequently consulted media by industry executives.

The phrase “I saw it on Yogonet” was repeated until it became a permanent echo in the halls of any international tradeshow.

Many things have happened since that time. We have lived through 20 years of history together with transformation as a background: physical casinos are nowadays sophisticated entertainment venues, and the development of the online world has brought us the possibility of betting at any time and from any place.

Throughout this journey, our team has grown in quantity and quality of professionals, who seek to reflect this changing reality on a daily basis in each edition and always strive for the highest level of journalistic accuracy as our trademark.

And if the unpredictability of the pandemic or times of uncertainty has taught us anything, it is how meaningful our relationship with each and every one of you has been.

None of this would have been possible without Yogonet’s unconditional readers, who give meaning to the daily work of reporting, or without our advertisers, who make it possible to sustain this project over time.

In 20 years, more than 350 companies from all over the world, from more than 50 countries, have trusted our media and our services to grow their business.

Throughout our history, betting on new products has always been one of our objectives in order to provide new services to our clients and readers.

Among these ventures, it is worth remembering the series of conferences Ey! Encuentro Yogonet, a pioneering event in the sector that began in 2005, and which for almost 10 years provided not only a space for professional qualification but also a meeting point for suppliers and operators in countries such as Mexico, Panama, and Argentina.

None of these things would have been possible without your trust and collaboration. Thank you for accompanying us, for trusting us, and for allowing us to be part of your professional life. Thank you for these 20 years, it has been a pleasure to share our story with all of you.

We hope to always remain your first choice for news, and our initial commitment remains intact: we want to offer you, every day, the best daily newsletter in the industry.

Diego Fiz and Pablo Zuppi

Yogonet Gaming News