Evolution Launches New Monopoly-Based Live Bingo Game Show Featuring Augmented Reality

Evolution Launches New Monopoly-Based Live Bingo Game Show Featuring Augmented Reality

Online casino services provider Evolution announced the launch of Monopoly Big Baller, a new bingo-style live game show played online. The game features live automated ball drawing and a live game host, alongside an augmented reality Mr. Monopoly, and numerous multipliers that offer increased payouts.

Just like Monopoly Live from Evolution, Monopoly Big Baller is based on the world-famous board game and includes familiar features such as dice rolls, ‘Chance’ and ‘Free Space’ cards, ‘Go To Jail’ spaces and more.

Ahoy-hoy! MONOPOLY Big Baller has docked and is ready for passengers to jump aboard the riverboat in this upbeat bingo-style game show!

Experience full-on fun with a 3D Bonus Game and an eye-catching ball drawing machine.

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— Evolution (@Evo_global) August 10, 2022 “In Monopoly Big Baller players embark on an entertaining riverboat cruise where the action initially centers on an eye-catching ball drawing machine,” the company explains. Bouncing balls pop out, numbers are matched, and lines are completed on cards. The more lines players make, the more they win.

But completing bingo-style cards—including cards that are “loaded with surprises” such as bonus pays and extra ‘Free Spaces’ or daubs—is just one engaging aspect of the game, Evolution says. According to the company, a particularly rewarding destination on the player’s journey is the Bonus Game, in which the augmented reality Mr. Monopoly walks a 3D virtual Monopoly board, assists players, and if he passes ‘GO’, doubles all the prizes on the board.

Todd Haushalter, Chief Product Officer at Evolution, said: “Mr. Monopoly is back big time! We have a sizeable segment of players who love bingo- and lottery-style bouncing ball games. Our Mega Ball game, for example, is extremely popular.”

“Now, Monopoly Big Baller offers another unique live game show—and one that is visually and thematically very different,” the executive explains. “And at the heart of this new game is virtually the same great Bonus Round from our original Monopoly Live game, but it’s now even better because players get more rolls.”

“Monopoly is such a mega brand and the basic premise of the board game is so well understood and loved around the world. Monopoly Big Baller packs all of that brand value into a new online live game show that is sure to appeal not only to Monopoly and bingo lovers, but also to a new and much wider audience,” Haushalter concluded.