SOFTSWISS Casino Platform Adds Event Streaming Feature To Track Activity In Real-Time

SOFTSWISS Casino Platform Adds Event Streaming Feature To Track Activity In Real-Time

SOFTSWISS announced Wednesday it is updating its Casino Platform with a new feature that allows it to track any kind of casino activity in real time, called Event Streaming. The novelty allows observing and analyzing complex data from the operator’s projects without delay.

As explained in a press release, the Casino Platform product team interprets an event to be any bet, deposit, win, bonus or any other of the dozens of available parameters information of operators’ interest given or taken in casinos.

The process of data distribution starts with a player’s action. The Event Streaming tool provides statistics in an ongoing data broadcast. The tool allows flexibility in configuring settings: based on non-stop player activity, operators manage their projects more efficiently, develop and improve the bonuses policy and increase users’ loyalty promptly, SOFTSWISS notes.

The new feature allows the research and analysis of player actions in real-time and more personal communication with customers. It also enables the introduction of real-time triggers to specific events to help increase user loyalty.

It further allows the connection to external services for advanced analytics, and constant access to online casino data, enabling operators to react immediately to any changes and keep the project’s key players in the spotlight.

Every hour the Event Streaming covers more than 15 million events in real-time, the company noted. The implementation of this tool requires the involvement of the project’s technical team, but the iGaming software developer is available “to assist at every stage of the feature’s development process.”

In a statement, Sergey Korodenko, the Technical Leader of the R&D team, said that the company is “confident that the Event Streaming service will allow casino clients to discover new opportunities and find new ways of working with players.”

“Launching this tool is not only the update from the SOFTSWISS Casino Platform team, we also have integrated with the SOFTSWISS Sportsbook and these products work effectively together,” he added. “It was one more step on the way to making the ecosystem where the product portfolio of the leading gambling software developer will complement and improve each other’s functionality.”

“The SOFTSWISS Casino Platform includes the tools operators need to launch their iGaming businesses,” the company said. The multifunctional back office, Bonus API and integrated payment solutions offer clients “vast opportunities” to develop online casinos.

The product integrates with the other company’s offerings such as the SOFTSWISS Sportsbook and the SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator. The Casino Platform is also available as a White Label, Turnkey and Crypto Solution.