“At G2E FBM Will Present A Diruptive Booth With New Land-Based And Online Gaming Experiences To Discover”

“At G2E FBM Will Present A Diruptive Booth With New Land-Based And Online Gaming Experiences To Discover”

The upcoming edition of G2E Las Vegas, scheduled for October 10-13 at The Venetian Expo, is set to be special. It will be the first fully in-person one since the pandemic, and the industry is eager to return to the can’t-miss event in global gaming. Among companies to attend is FBM, for which the expo will be particularly important: it will not only offer it a chance to present its latest products for the land-based sector but also mark the G2E debut of its online gaming brand, FBMDS.

“As a global gaming brand, we will present a disruptive and appealing booth with new land-based and online gaming experiences to discover,” Luis Silva, Head of People & Brand of FBM, tells Yogonet ahead of the expo. In this exclusive interview, the executive goes into detail about highlights at the company’s booth, discusses goals for the event, and talks company plans to enter the exciting US market.

How have FBM and FBMDS designed their final product lineup to take center stage at G2E Las Vegas, and selected the premieres you plan to roll out? Are there any new game concepts or mechanics to be introduced in October?

The line-up of products to showcase was easy to define. We have a roadmap established for land-based and online operations, and we are presenting several new products.

In the land-based universe, the highlight goes for FBM Spin & Win, a new multi-game product composed of four slots that include two progressive jackpots – Mini and Grand. Roman Adventure, Viking Journey, Royal Trucks and Fruit Picnic are the four new games developed by FBM, and they come with two surprises for the portfolio of slots features. Lucky Bell and Expanding Wild Multiplier join the previously known Stacked Wild and Super Reels features and promise to blast players’ attention.

At booth 2848, G2E Las Vegas’ visitors will also have the opportunity to try Jin Qián Link, a multi-game slots product with Asian inspiration. Jin Qián Link gathers four creatures in four wonderful slots – Lucky Guī, Great Bái Hǔ, Golden Lóng and Eternal Fènghuáng. This gaming experience contains Mini, Minor, Major and Grand progressive jackpots that players can conquer inside the Jin Qián Link bonus.

In the online universe, the participation of FBMDS is itself a debut. FBM already showcased a few online casino games in past editions of G2E Las Vegas, but this is the first time that FBMDS, as an online casino gaming brand, officially takes part in the booth. The FBMDS team will reveal a diverse portfolio of more than 60 online casino games, including innovative, customized and localized video bingos, slots and table games.

What are your specific goals for this edition, considering it’s the first fully in-person one since the pandemic? What do you think we will learn in terms of the gaming industry recovery?

This edition of G2E Las Vegas is very special for us. FBM is heading to G2E Las Vegas with a fresh mindset expressed in the motto “Lights are on: Play like a champion”. As a global gaming brand, we will present a disruptive and appealing booth with new land-based and online gaming experiences to discover.

We desire to combine an innovative, seductive and welcoming booth with a selection of disruptive and surprising products. The intriguing lights and engaging spaces of the booth will reflect the bold approach that FBM and FBMDS follow in their market strategies. All of this is intended to result in a memorable and pleasant experience for all our visitors.

Every event is an opportunity to reinforce partnerships and create new bonds. G2E Las Vegas is an excellent platform in the casino industry, so we expect days full of networking and good business opportunities for the FBM group to materialize in the short or long-term future.

In North America, you have recently announced a number of partnerships with operators in Mexico. Which key markets are you targeting at G2E, both from the Americas and worldwide? Which FBM representatives will be present with that aim?

FBM goes to G2E Las Vegas to explore any business expansion opportunity that makes sense for the land-based and online operations of the group.

The USA is an obvious target, as well as Mexico. We are actively studying various states in the USA, and we will probably enter this country during the next year with a selection of products from our portfolio that makes sense for the profile of the players involved. In Mexico, we already have an established land-based operation, and we know that there is a high possibility of starting conversations for new expansion deals concerning this market at the event.

It is important to reinforce the idea that FBM is always open to hearing about new growth opportunities emerging in the casino industry. In order to do that, visitors can reach any of the commercial team members representing FBM and FBMDS brands during G2E Las Vegas and even schedule previous meetings by using FBM’s dedicated landing page for the event.

FBM at FIJMA Madrid earlier this year What technological progress and investments will be reflected at FBM’s stand, for instance, in terms of linked progressives and multi-games?

FBM Spin & Win and Jin Qián Link are the two new slots products that FBM will showcase at G2E Las Vegas with multi-game logic. Both products are made with the best technologies and will provide different gaming experiences by including debuting features or containing new prizes in the bonus mode.

The educational section of G2E will feature what’s next in iGaming, digital payments and cryptocurrency, and Web3. What specific topics and trends are you eager to learn more about this time, maybe related to the current consumer journey, that could become valuable input for FBM and FBMDS’s future product development?

There are interesting sessions in the educational program of G2E Las Vegas. I’m a very curious professional, and due to my connection with the marketing area, I always seek to be updated with the emergent trends on everything that involves clients’ behavior. The defined agenda covers general issues and also includes sessions dedicated to specific markets. I believe that FBM can get relevant information from these events to leverage the next steps of its globalized operation.