Aruze Announces Revamped Version Of Shoot To Win Craps At G2E Las Vegas

Aruze Announces Revamped Version Of Shoot To Win Craps At G2E Las Vegas

Gaming entertainment solutions developer Aruze Gaming America announced Tuesday the release of Shoot to Win Craps Lucky Roll, on the new and upgraded AP-X platform. The game comes on the first day of the G2E event in Las Vegas and will be available for sale in late Q1 2023.

Describing the latest product, the company said that the new game is “a revitalization of Aruze’s legacy Shoot To Win Craps, with an immersive experience through interactive play and spectacularly upgraded visuals.”

“From the AP-7 Shoot to Win! Craps, the overhead display is upgraded with a wrap-around LED Display in the center unit. The platform is upgraded from AP-7 to AP-X and uses a new system for Dice Sensing as well as new Dice with the upgraded security system. A new camera system is also installed supporting the latest camera system,” the company further explained.

Furthermore, the business stated that for gameplay variation, clients can utilize custom settings, including odds, commission, simultaneous bets, jackpot features, don’t bet areas, and side games. It also includes useful functionality for operators: for configurability, a new function for setting specific MIN/MAX bet on a scheduled manner is featured on this upgrade of Shoot To Win Craps.

Along with its new look, Shoot to Win Craps Lucky Roll features a variety of audio experiences. Operators can select and set various options, including the original Shoot to win Craps BGM. If clients want a more calm and relaxed gameplay environment, an option is also provided. In addition, a new retro vibe and a new metro sound are also available.

New display features include a LED Display configuration to “match the theme or mood of the casino floor.” Clients can select from three display configurations from a dynamic or simple display.

Lesley Hodges, Senior Director of Marketing for Aruze, said: “With Shoot to Win Craps Lucky Roll, Aruze is showing its commitment to innovating on the experiences people love and combining them with modern functionality for operators. This immersive experience is a complete reimagination of a casino favorite and features the engaging gameplay that people know and love from Aruze.”

It is worth highlighting that Aruze Gaming America is currently present at G2E Las Vegas at stand #2659, where the company is showcasing its online gaming products, as well as its Activ-Play line of games and cabinets.