Pragmatic Play: “G2E Will Be A Great Opportunity To Understand How Brands Are Developing And Learn From Each Other”

Pragmatic Play: “G2E Will Be A Great Opportunity To Understand How Brands Are Developing And Learn From Each Other”

With the kickstart of G2E Las Vegas 2022, the gambling industry is now reunited for a three-day networking event that gathers the main actors of the sector once again under one roof. Pragmatic Play is no exception.

The company’s Vice President of Operations for Latin America, Victor Arias, spoke in an exclusive interview with Yogonet where he described G2E as “an important event, not only for the territory in which it takes place, but for America in general, and even globally.”

“The continent has witnessed formality, the highest quality and professionalism in every event where our brand is present with exhibition and exposure,” Arias said.

Pragmatic Play attended the Las Vegas event not only with its LatAm team but also bringing executives from the different hubs at a global scale, representing the brand.

“As with previous events during this year, we will be bringing to Vegas our complete portfolio with all the different verticals developed by Pragmatic Play,” the executive pointed out. “In an industry that demands constant innovation and quality, we will continue providing the highest standards to the region and to the world.”

Having set a new goal that saw the company attend as many industry events as possible during 2022, Arias noted the brand has seen “a huge interest” from both organizers and the industry in general in participating in trade shows and conferences.

“It is clear that the interest from all the different parties has increased and this makes total sense. The industry experienced important growth during the last 2 years, and companies are looking to innovate and have their teams as informed as possible,” he stated.

The executive assured that the company’s goal at G2E is to have “a strong presence,” with its team consisting of members from all around the world. “Companies from Europe and other continents continue to have a close eye on Latin America’s developments,” he noted.

For Arias, G2E will be “a great opportunity to continue understanding how brands are developing, what expectations our partners have and just learn from each other. We hope that G2E will be another good example of this.”

In terms of development and exploration of new products, Pragmatic Play presented its new sportsbook this year, its fifth vertical. Arias stated it “continues with our high quality and innovation line,” but noted it will not be distributed commercially in Latin America until early 2023.

“Our idea is to provide our commercial partners not only with a high-end platform but also with great support and service,” he said. “For this our sportsbook division is continuously working on having the best and most experienced professionals together in a team that will deliver the best user journey and of course have our partners as happy as they are today with the way how we manage the importance of “service” in the region.”

Pragmatic Play is not only expanding its offering but also its footprint around the world. “Part of our commitment is to meet all requirements to service the new jurisdictions confirmed during the year, and with high expectations waiting for news in the coming year,” Arias pointed out.

After seeing Peru finally come up with a regulation for the company’s activities, and Argentinian provinces having released their own rulings to make the market more appealing to the investor’s eye, Arias stated he is confident the year 2023 “will come with big news for our industry,” as the region is on the right track to provide the continent with transparent entertainment.

When it comes to partnerships, the company is also constantly seeking to expand: “We are working very hard on having our portfolio delivered to every market in the region. The end user is demanding diversity and quality, and that’s our specialty,” he analyzed.

“At Pragmatic Play we are experiencing very significant growth worldwide. In Latin America, I have a clear commitment to continue investing with having a completely localized workforce, 5-stars customer service to our partners and display our innovation in every event taking place in the continent during 2023,” Arias added. “We are completely committed to Latin America, and everybody has seen that during this 2 and half years of presence in the market.”

When it comes to product, Pragmatic Play was described by Arias as a brand characterized by game development, offering “surprising alternatives” and updating classics. He commented: “This will continue to be the main content creation guide, so 2023 will find us with more news and a very intense volume of production.

“We have five verticals and that represents a great challenge, since the level of entertainment that we offer is very high, and yet we always aspire to more. So, our projects are ambitious and demanding,” Arias concluded. “When it comes to the industry events, if last year our partners and visitors were impressed, this year they can expect us to blow their minds.”