Affilka By SOFTSWISS Reports Its Platform Can Generate A 20% Monthly Increase In Player Acquisition

Affilka By SOFTSWISS Reports Its Platform Can Generate A 20% Monthly Increase In Player Acquisition

Affilka by SOFTSWISS announced Wednesday the platform has led up to a 20% increase in player acquisition for its clients as it shared its Client Migration analysis results. The company cited its reporting system and crypto payment solutions as the key advantage points, and the main reason for switching to the SOFTSWISS affiliate marketing platform.

The SOFTSWISS team has shared the results of the BC.GAME migration case as an example, which showed a 20% monthly increase in player acquisition. According to brand, the main reasons why online casinos switch affiliate management platforms include a lack of detailed and customizable affiliate and player activity reporting, AML compliance issues, and high costs of in-house development.

On top of that, “proprietary solutions require additional resources stealing the spotlight from primary business objectives while poor reporting capabilities impede growth,” Affilka explained. The team also added that, in comparison, its solution offers complete platform transition support which includes assistance from accounts managers and technical staff to address all client concerns, whether past or present.

“By taking over all software-related issues, Affilka helps clients focus on their business-building imperative,” the brand wrote. “Migrations result in increased player acquisition, improved team resource management and optimized brand processes.”

The company also unveiled that the migrated clients have stated that Affilka’s key benefits are its full technical support; and its complete multi-level reporting system with near-real-time updates for both operators and partners.

They also cited its crypto-friendly platform and payment solutions; its multi-brand management under one Affilka account or partner program; and its flexible commission plans and traffic budget optimization.

Speaking about client migration, Anastasiya Borovaya, Head of Affilka by SOFTSWISS, commented: “Switching an affiliate marketing platform can be challenging. There can be many reasons behind the decision. Сhoosing a new platform can be complicated through a lack of knowledge about the resulting benefits.”

“At Affilka, we have built the necessary software platform migration expertise to take the lead. The process may be as simple as moving affiliate IDs and contact details or rather as complex as transitioning player historical data and affiliate payment history to meet the new platform’s requirements,” Borovaya added. “Whatever our clients decide, Affilka’s account managers will be there to walk them through the transition.”