GridRival Rolls Out Motorsports Daily Fantasy Sports Platform Based Upon Formula 1 And MotoGP Series

GridRival Rolls Out Motorsports Daily Fantasy Sports Platform Based Upon Formula 1 And MotoGP Series

Motorsports-first sports betting startup GridRival announced Tuesday the launch of its Daily Fantasy Sports offering, now available for users across 23 states in the USA. The app currently offers games based on Formula 1 and MotoGP series.

Now, in addition to playing season-long leagues, the fantasy league game for race fans is offering real-money contests based on global race series, including Formula 1 and MotoGP. Contests based on other series, including NASCAR, are already in development and set to be rolled out in timely succession.

Ross Fruin, GridRival CEO and Co-Founder, stated: “Motorsports remains a hugely undervalued betting commodity, whose fans have, until now, not been effectively served by traditional operators. We are launching at the intersection of the rise of US sports betting, and the inexorable growth of motorsports.”

? Daily Fantasy Sports is finally here! ?⁣

? To access go the GridRival ⁣app, look at the top of the main menu. If you don’t see it, please update your app

* DFS now live in 23 US states. Please note that there are restrictions by state for being able to join a contest

— GridRival (@GridRival) October 17, 2022 “GridRival has already proven itself capable of targeting and engaging the motorsports fan base at scale with an authentic, richly-featured app, and the appetite for a motorsports-specific betting platform is clear, so we are thrilled to have launched our DFS offering,” he added.

In a press release, GridRival noted that research of its users showed that 78% of its respondents who already participate in sports betting would prefer to use a motorsports-specific platform, as opposed to the offerings from major operators. Meanwhile, 32% of users who have never bet on motorsports before said they would be likely to try it with GridRival’s DFS launch.

Jeff Shinrock, GridRival Co-Founder and CTO, also commented: “GridRival has been built from the ground up with proprietary tech, including our own wallet and player account management solutions, scoring engines, and game management platform that allow more control over the product experience we can deliver to our users.”

“GridRival has harvested and harnessed their knowledge of motorsports fans to build a meaningful product, which routinely laps the tired offerings that have traditionally blighted betting activity on this hugely popular sport,” he added. “GridRival has been built by racing fans, for racing fans—and it’s a point of pride that we have been so well received by the motorsports community. With DFS, we’re providing what we believe is the first step in activating this very large audience towards a level of excitement with real money games.”

The GridRival app, which first launched in 2021, features real-money salary cap daily fantasy contests, where users select drivers and constructors. Decisions are aided by the in-depth historical race performance data upon which GridRival has built its reputation, and an in-game chat system, where players can interact within the app, boosting digital dwell time and fan engagement.