Win Systems: “The Player Is Increasingly At The Center Of All Decisions And Projects In Our Industry”

Win Systems: “The Player Is Increasingly At The Center Of All Decisions And Projects In Our Industry”

In an exclusive interview with Yogonet, Eric Benchimol, CEO of Win Systems, highlighted the results obtained at G2E Las Vegas and analyzed the main challenges and trends that will mark the immediate future of the industry at a regional and global level.

“We have perceived that this edition of G2E has been a great success of visitors, very similar (or even better) to the editions prior to the pandemic, and the figures prove it,” said Benchimol in dialogue with Yogonet.

“In the specific case of Win Systems, we could not be more satisfied with the number of visitors to our stand, we have certainly noticed the increase we were talking about. It is not only the number of visitors but also the very positive feedback we received from the solutions we presented, the number of projects we were able to materialize, as well as the many new operators and new markets that came to our booth to meet us with great interest in working together. It was three very intense days, but we are very satisfied with the results”, the executive added as the Las Vegas show came to an end.”

“As a global provider that offers solutions in casino management systems, electronic roulette, and slot machines, it is always difficult to highlight just one product,” Benchimol explained when asked about what products were showcased in Las Vegas. “Probably our new app for players WINUP Wallet was the one that caused the greatest impact, because, in addition to including the functionalities of a wallet, which can be used both inside and outside the casino, it also incorporates many of the services that the casino provides to the player, such as access to the Players Club and many others, such as food and beverage offerings, machine reservations, among others. But also, the new generation of Intouch displays was very much liked, as well as the new WIGOS jackpot, ‘Lucy & Pierre’, which is so different from the jackpot offer we had until now”, the executive highlighted.

“In the Gaming division, we also knew that we were offering winning products, such as the Gold Club Lumina 25th Anniversary roulette, which had already succeeded in all the markets where we had presented it, as well as a new link game for slots such as Goddess Link, which generated enormous interest from operators,” he added.

Analyzing the Las Vegas fair, Benchimol did not hesitate to express his enthusiasm: “G2E has been the first major global event for the land-based industry, and it has been very positive for our sector because we have undoubtedly perceived a great dynamism from operators. We have detected a great interest in continuing to optimize the management of their operations while improving the experience of their players with value-added proposals”.

“We have perceived this need for improvement in the sector for some time now, and after the pandemic, we have noticed this reactivation of the operators’ activity in the different markets where we are operating”, he added.

And when asked about the growth of online gaming, Benchimol assured that “at Win Systems we believe that, as far as systems are concerned, the differences between land-based and online gaming will become increasingly blurred, and will eventually disappear: the player is one, and will be able to choose which platform he/she wants to play on at any given moment”.

“Many operators already have a presence in both land-based and online casinos. Our strategic project involves our systems being able to respond to this new situation, and we already have several solutions that are aimed at this line of work, such as WIGOS One or WINUP itself”, he pointed out.

Analyzing the success of WIGOS, Benchimol explained: “I sincerely believe that there are several reasons for the growth of WIGOS, both in the United States and in many other American markets. On the one hand, it is the world leader in cashless management systems, we have been perfecting cashless operation management for many years, and this is the current trend without any doubt. On the other hand, we have a presence in more than 20 countries, connecting more than 100,000 machines, which speaks of how reliable and flexible our management system is. And finally, I believe that our DNA is impregnated with technological innovation, we are constantly looking for ways to keep improving, offering more and better solutions, and this has led us to be where we are today, managing projects for the largest companies in the most developed markets”.

Finally, when analyzing the main challenges for companies at the regional (Latin America) and international levels, the CEO of Win Systems stated: “Most of the operators in our sector are high-level companies, with a high level of demand, because the competition for player loyalty is also increasing, even more so after the pandemic, because the player is also more demanding”.

“To achieve this, operators need equipment focused on service excellence, as well as management tools, games, machines, applications… that offer high added value and support them in this goal of building customer loyalty. We have no doubt that the player is increasingly at the center of all decisions and projects in our sector,” Benchimol concluded.