“JCM Global Strives To Bring New Technology To The Gaming Industry And At G2E We Introduced Our IVERIFY System”

“JCM Global Strives To Bring New Technology To The Gaming Industry And At G2E We Introduced Our IVERIFY System”

G2E’s return to its pre-pandemic attendance levels has been welcomed by the gaming industry, eager to see the major gambling event become a frenzy of activity once again. Among the companies that were present at the latest edition of the expo was JCM Global, with the automated transaction solutions provider’s team taking the opportunity to see old industry contacts and clients; bring new products and technologies to the market; and much more.

Yogonet talked with David Kubajak, SVP of Sales, Marketing, and Operations at JCM Global, about his main takeaways from the event, the latest solutions showcased by the company, and what’s next in industry technology in an exclusive interview.

What is your assessment of JCM Global’s showcase in G2E this year?

For JCM, the G2E 2022 show was an amazing success. We were thrilled to connect with our customers from North America and reconnect in person with our customers from gaming markets around the world. JCM showed our latest innovations in cash management and automation solutions for the modern casino industry.

Of the offerings you presented, which products were the most attractive to visitors at G2E?

JCM’s leading products each play a role in the technology roadmap we develop for each individual operator, and at the booth, customers were interested in solutions we offer across the casino floor, in the cage, and in the count room.

Visitors were also mesmerized by the variety of our Digital Signage Solutions throughout the booth. Whether it was the hanging DSS CUBES™, FLEX™, or VB-DIAMOND™ signs, they captured guests’ attention, and people were looking up and taking photos as they do in casinos with our signage.

Additionally, our automation pavilion was crowded with customers who were interested in our ICB ASAP® robotic automation solution for the count room. With current labor challenges, casinos are ready to embrace automation, and we have solutions to help casinos of all sizes successfully face these challenges.

JCM’s signage solutions at G2E What new technologies is the company leveraging within its portfolio at the moment? How do they impact areas such as guest experience and security?

Every year JCM strives to bring new technology to the casino industry. At G2E, JCM introduced the iVERIFY™ system, the first high-resolution digital camera imaging solution that optically recognizes cash buy-ins, TITO ticket buy-ins, and chip inventory levels at both the buy-in and payout points in a transaction at live table games.

The iVERIFY concept is new, patented, and designed to bring the benefits of our image processing technology, partnered with machine learning and deep learning. Our iVERIFY system enables table game transaction tracking for better table game management, audit capability, enhanced surveillance, and increased security.

We also showed a new addition to the FUZION® system’s mobile wallet technology, BLE Mobile I/O®. BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) Mobile I/O is an internal module that is plugged into the USB port of JCM’s Peripheral Network Adapter (PNA®) unit inside the EGM and enables contactless transactions at the EGM.

With FUZION, suppliers can integrate their mobile wallets, and operators can now choose whether those connections happen using near-field communication (NFC) or Bluetooth. This gives guests another way to pay for play at their favorite games, enhancing the guest experience by empowering them with more choices.

JCM’s ICB ASAP We are seeing gaming return to pre-pandemic levels, but at the same time, inflation and supply chain disruptions pose a threat to this rebound. Have these adverse factors impacted the company’s operations?

JCM continues to experience record demand for our products throughout the global casino gaming industry, and our customers’ loyalty, patience, and support is incredible. When many of our customers visited us at G2E, they reaffirmed their commitment to the long-term partnerships we have built over the last 30 years and told us they are partnered with JCM for the long term.