Zitro: “We Will Continue To Grow In Europe And LatAm; And We Have The Challenge Of Expanding In The US And Canada”

Zitro: “We Will Continue To Grow In Europe And LatAm; And We Have The Challenge Of Expanding In The US And Canada”

In an exclusive interview with Yogonet, Sebastián Salat, International President of Zitro, highlighted the event’s return to full capacity at the recent Global Gaming Expo, listed the company’s most successful products, and reviewed the company’s expansion plans for 2023.

What is your assessment of Zitro’s presence at G2E 2022, and how did you experience this return to normalcy after the pandemic?

G2E was indeed the year in which we were able to reconnect with our customers, most of whom are now leaving behind the effects of the pandemic and have returned to normalcy in good spirits, despite the significant regional and global challenges the world is going through.

I must say that having attended G2E events since their inception, I have never seen a G2E so crowded and, as for Zitro in particular, I have rarely seen a booth as packed as ours.

We received many, many operators on each and every day of the show. Everyone who visited us agreed that our new product range was absolutely dazzling, and those who knew Zitro’s track record in the industry expressed their amazement at the absolute radical transformation we have made at Zitro, in record time, to become a gaming machine supplier that competes with the world’s major manufacturers, even though they have many more years of history and experience than we do.

From the offer you presented, which products were the most attractive to the visitors at G2E, with whom you had the opportunity to talk?

The operators who visited us were surprised not only by the quality of the GLARE sets and cabinets we presented but also by the breadth and depth of our product range.

In the Altius GLARE cabinet, the spectacular Wheel of Legends, Fu Shou, and Seven Chest games, featuring an unmatched image and sound quality in the industry, attracted a great deal of attention.

In the Illusion GLARE cabinet, customers appreciated the impressive presentation and the simple, innovative, and attractive bonus mechanics of Colossus Fire. And they highlighted the same qualities of the Mighty Hammer and Light Temple games, presented in the Allure GLARE cabinet. Finally, the Mega King, Magic Roots, and Back to the Wild games were also presented as options for the Fusion GLARE cabinet.

Zitro’s product offering proved to bring together everything customers need: unbeatable presentation, a large library of games for each cabinet, and a great diversity of bonus mechanics. All of which is designed to suit players’ tastes and protect operators’ investment.

The company has experienced strong growth in recent years, positioning itself as one of the main developers of casino games, with a strong presence in markets such as Europe and Latin America. What will be the company’s expansion strategy in the coming months, considering its already consolidated presence in these regions?

We will continue to grow in Europe, and we will reaffirm our leadership position in Latin America. We also have the exciting challenge of expanding our presence in the U.S. and Canada, as well as in the Asian markets.

Lastly, Zitro Digital is committed to making available to online casino operators in any jurisdiction the games that have already been a resounding success in the world’s land-based gaming markets.

Zitro’s growth potential is indeed huge.

What opportunities does the expansion and regulation of online gaming in various Latin American markets offer to the company? Are you focusing more attention on this business vertical, given the openings in Argentina and the progress of imminent regulations in Chile, Uruguay, and Peru, for example?

As a matter of fact, in the last few years, we have dedicated more resources to Zitro Digital to accelerate the growth in this market.

We currently have a large library of digital video bingo and video slot games, which are already in operation in many online casinos around the world, and in Latin America, our games are certified and in operation in Colombia, and in all the Argentinean provinces that have regulated online gaming.

Zitro is one of the most relevant game providers in the land-based casino market in Latin America, and operators need our games for the digital channel in order to be able to offer their customers the same excellent experiences they already offer to the land-based customer. We have understood this need and, through Zitro Digital, we have accepted the challenge of responding to it.