“Zitro Has Aggressive Growth Plans Over The Next Several Years For The U.S. Market”

“Zitro Has Aggressive Growth Plans Over The Next Several Years For The U.S. Market”

In an exclusive interview with Yogonet, Derik Mooberry, CEO of Zitro USA Operations, highlighted the company’s results following its attendance at G2E Las Vegas, reviewed the most important products presented during the event, and explained the importance of the North American market for Zitro, where they expect to see strong growth during 2023.

How do you assess Zitro’s presence at G2E 2022 and how have you experienced this recent edition of the show, which has seen a return to normalcy after the pandemic?

This was my first G2E as a Zitro employee and the experience exceeded my expectations. Our goal was to create awareness for Zitro products as we look to expand in the United States.

The number of people we had coming through our booth was amazing and I think it speaks to the excitement our products are creating as well as the health of the industry. We are seeing trade shows return to pre-pandemic levels.

Of the offer you presented, which products were the most attractive to the visitors at G2E with whom you had the opportunity to talk?

The GLARE family of cabinets was the highlight of our booth. We offered four unique offerings that showcased our ability to place an array of products across casino floors. The centerpiece of our booth was the Altius GLARE which captures attention with its 55-inch 4K screen that delivers graphics that catch the eye of consumers.

However, what surprised many customers was the depth of our software lineup. Our software portfolio offers a diverse lineup of games with varying play mechanics to keep consumers engaged and entertained. Casino operators were impressed with the games we were offering. While we are just now establishing the Zitro brand in the United States, our future is very bright.

What is Zitro’s current positioning and market share in the United States, and in which markets (states) nationwide do you plan to grow the most in the coming months?

We currently operate in California, Florida, and Oklahoma. However, we have aggressive growth plans over the next several years. We are currently in the process of getting licensed in several states within the Midwest and expect to place machines in those markets during the first quarter of 2023.

Our game performance has exceeded our expectations as we enter new markets. We have been able to secure follow-up orders with customers based on the success of our innovative hardware and software lineup.

Based on what was seen on a general level at G2E, what kind of products and trends do you think will set the direction of the industry in the coming months/years?

G2E provides every supplier an opportunity to showcase their latest offerings. Every year we continue to see advances in both hardware and software available for casino operators. Cabinets are getting larger and brighter every year, thanks to the use of 4K Ultra HD screens, and new forms of enhanced lighting to provide improved marketability to the consumer.

The software and game content are also evolving. We continue to see new play mechanics or enhancements to existing ones to boost gaming experiences. The Zitro development team watches these changes closely as we look for new and creative ways to maximize the guest experience while playing on our machines.