Institute Of Legal Gambling: “Gambling Legalization Is Still An Unpredictable Issue In Brazil”

Institute Of Legal Gambling: “Gambling Legalization Is Still An Unpredictable Issue In Brazil”

The Board of Directors of the Institute of Legal Gambling (IJL) carried out last week a series of hearings in Brasilia, in order to evaluate the possibility of advancing the approval of the project for the legalization of gambling in Brazil. The project is waiting to get approval from the Senate, in addition to the fact that the issuance of the decree that regulates the fixed odds or sports bets is still pending, an issue that keeps this segment on edge.

The most accurate definition of the possibility that PL 442/91 will be voted this year in the Federal Senate came from a minister of the current government: “It is still unpredictable”.

The unpredictability that took hold of Brasilia after the elections could also be reflected in several parliamentarians with whom the IJL leaders had the opportunity to talk. In view of this, Magnho José, president of the Brazilian Institute of Legal Gambling and a journalist specializing in gambling, published in BNL Data an analysis of the situation, giving little room for hope.

As he pointed out, the intense process of transition from the government of Jair Bolsonaro to that of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva is taking over the political negotiations in the Capital.

The processing of a Constitutional Amendment Proposal puts the political focus on issues that are far from the regulation of gambling, and since this amendment should be analyzed before next year’s December 15, the deadline set for the vote on the 2023 budget bill by Congress, the chances of PL 442/91 coming to fruition this year are further away.

In addition, the current government has entered into a sort of inertia and inactivity since its bitter defeat, and President Jair Bolsonaro remains secluded in the Alvorada Palace, with few engagements and little activity on social networks, where he has always been hyperactive.

Given this scenario, the tight calendar for the end of the year can also be considered a complicating factor for the processing of proposals of interest to the gaming sector, and even for the regulation of sports betting, due to the inaction of the Executive.

And as if all this were not enough, Brasilia is living through days of realignment of political forces, after the most disputed elections since the re-democratization of the country. Parties and parliamentarians of different orientations are adjusting to the next government, in order to guarantee their political survival.

Thus, tomorrow, Tuesday (November 15), the Republic Proclamation celebration will take place, which practically determines the agenda, leaving only four weeks of work or eight sessions of the Senate and the House of Representatives until the parliamentary recess, which begins on December 22.

With the World Cup just around the corner, and during the transition process between the two governments; one of the influential parliamentarians contacted by the Institute of Legal Gambling leaders joked about the end of this legislative year: “From now on it will be just transition, political survival, and Christmas lights”. All that remains is to wait and surrender to uncertainty.