Jackpot Digital: “Jackpot Blitz Allows Casino Operators To Offer Exciting Table Game Action With Minimal Expense”

Jackpot Digital: “Jackpot Blitz Allows Casino Operators To Offer Exciting Table Game Action With Minimal Expense”

In an exclusive interview with Yogonet, Mathieu McDonald, Head of Business Development & Investor Relations at Jackpot Digital, reflects on the company’s recent showcase at G2E Las Vegas and the key features behind the firm’s dealersless electronic poker proposition.

What is Jackpot Digital and what sets its gaming proposition apart? Which areas does its product portfolio cover?

Jackpot Digital is the global leader in the manufacture of dealerless electronic poker table games. Our flagship product, Jackpot Blitz, is a digital dealerless card table that allows players to play casino table games such as poker, blackjack, baccarat, and more, in a socially interactive and entertaining way, without the need for a casino dealer.

This is attractive to both players and casino operators alike, as it provides casino players more action with faster, error-free, and more engaging gameplay, while allowing casino operators to offer exciting table game action to their guests with minimal expense and HR headaches.

What are your main takeaways from G2E? What were attendees approaching the company’s booth most interested in learning about?

The casino personnel landscape has shifted dramatically since the pandemic re-opening. Labor shortages and wage inflation present daily challenges for casino managers and Jackpot Blitz solves that problem, allowing casinos to bring back, or keep running, table games without any of the expenses or HR headaches of live dealers.

The feedback from booth visitors was virtually unanimous: this is a product whose time is now.

What products did Jackpot Digital showcase at the event, and which ones would you say caught the most attention? How is the company positioned in terms of assisting the industry?

Jackpot Blitz, our flagship dealerless poker platform, was a huge hit at G2E. Demand is off the charts.

Our customers were also very excited to learn that, coming soon to Jackpot Blitz, we will be offering engaging side-bets such as BET THE FLOP as well as mini blackjack, baccarat, video poker, and more, as personal games that each player can play against the house while engaged in a hand of poker.

Poker, by nature, has a lot of downtime between hands and even during a hand of poker. These new side bets and mini-games allow operators to monetize that downtime, meaning more revenue and less expense, the goal of any successful business.

Jackpot Blitz is more than simply a dealerless multiplayer poker table. It’s more accurately characterized as a “smart table”, due to the constant flow of new content being added to the product to keep it fresh and engaging for players.

What can you tell us about market acceptance and adoption of your products? What trends do you foresee as gaining momentum going forward, and what is Jackpot Digital’s approach to leveraging new technology like?

Players love the product because it’s fast, accurate, and fun to play. And it is quickly becoming known as “The Friendly Table”, because it eliminates common sources of conflict, such as dealer mistakes, players acting out of turn, or players betting wrong amounts. Players also love that they no longer must tip dealers, which adds up over time.

Overall, the market is exceedingly receptive and loves Jackpot Blitz dealerless poker ETGs. Our customers are overcoming the challenge of finding and retaining experienced dealers by allowing Jackpot Blitz to solve the problem, while simultaneously increasing player engagement and revenue. What more could a casino manager ask for?