Skilrock Gets Most Preferred Workplaces In IT And ITES 2022-23 Award From Marskmen Daily

Skilrock Gets Most Preferred Workplaces In IT And ITES 2022-23 Award From Marskmen Daily

Lottery and gaming technology company Skilrock Technologies announced Tuesday it has been awarded the Most Preferred Workplaces in IT & ITES 2022-23 by publication Marksmen Daily, “a recognition that highlights its positive work environment and adherence to the best industry practices.” The award and felicitation ceremony was organized on December 15 in Mumbai, India.

“It brought to the fore Skilrock’s dedication to ensuring excellence amid a dynamic industry environment and also shows how Skilrock is preparing employees with the skills of the future,” the company said of the recognition.

The company’s human-centric approach focuses on fostering team spirit and active participation, says Skilrock. “It also emphasizes innovation and creativity; and offers flexibility, career growth and ample opportunities for upskilling,” the company added.

Sujit Lahiry, Executive Director & CEO, expressed that the company’s approach “stands on four pillars – Creativity, Technology, Innovation, Learning and Research.”

“Our employees continuously seek unique and extraordinary ways to create, innovate and differentiate new ideas and explore emerging possibilities. We also identify their inherent talent and focus on developing these capabilities by creating a wonderful workplace environment. It’s no wonder that we have some of the best minds in the business,“ the CEO added.

In the last two years, the entire workplace dynamics have shifted significantly, and work-from-home led to a digital culture that gave birth to both hybrid and work-from-office scenarios. Skilrock embraced this situation using technology as its backbone to build what it describes as “an inclusive and virtual work culture” that enabled talent acquisition, employee engagement and retention.

“In simple words, Skilrock offers workers every opportunity to balance productivity, well-being, and a sense of connection in the changing world. This award showcased how the company is at the cutting edge of meaningful, collaborative and inspiring work experiences. The company continues to build a global talent pool with experts from diverse fields,” the firm stated.