“In 2023 We Will Focus On Adding New Functionalities To Our Platform And Expanding Into New Jurisdictions”

“In 2023 We Will Focus On Adding New Functionalities To Our Platform And Expanding Into New Jurisdictions”

END 2 END’s CEO, Alejandro Revich, shared his assessment of the performance of the company, which specializes in Multiplayer Bingo in real time, during 2022. The executive said that for the upcoming year, among the firm’s objectives will be the expansion to new jurisdictions and the addition of new functionalities to its platform.

In an interview with Yogonet, the executive highlighted the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the gaming industry and warned that the changes it generated, such as the predominance of the online sector, are characteristics that will prevail in the sector.

After two years of the pandemic, what is your assessment of the sector’s performance in 2022? What role did END 2 END play in this context?

2022, was a “hinge” year for the gaming sector. It seems like a long time ago, but let’s remember that ICE 2022 was postponed to last April due to the pandemic and that many companies, for various reasons, did not attend.

After ICE and from the second quarter onwards, the whole industry started a “back to normal” process, including trade shows and events, which abounded for the rest of the year. It could be concluded that towards the end of this year 2022, we reached the pre-pandemic levels in every sense again

Regarding END 2 END, I have always said that we are a young company, practically born with the pandemic, and we have had to get used to living in a state of permanent change. At the end of last year, we began to form part of a group that today is led by Aspire Global and NeoGames, and this has meant that 2022 has been a year in which we have had to redefine the scope and objectives of the company.

As you can see, we are still in a process of change, but we feel very comfortable, as it is part of our entrepreneurial DNA.

Since the pandemic, how do you assess the impact of the online sector on the industry? What can be expected from this segment?

The pandemic marked a “before and after” and not only for the gaming industry. I believe that a large part of society assimilated new ways of working and new ways of relating, using different technological solutions, and changing customs and protocols that allowed them to continue with their activities, despite the restrictions imposed.

The gaming sector was no exception. On the contrary, it accelerated a process that we expected to happen in four or five years and ended up happening in months. It pushed it forward completely. In this industry, there was always a division between land-based and online casinos. Now, a lot more companies from the land-based world have stepped into the online world. Physical casinos that have been forced to close because of the coronavirus situation were forced to go online.

Today, with the pandemic over, many of these changes are here to stay, and the process will surely intensify and the online segment will continue to grow by leaps and bounds.

Alejandro Revich at G2E Las Vegas 2022 also marked the return to in-person attendance at various events around the world. What is your assessment of the trade fairs held this year?

I think we all had the need to go back to attending in person, to reconnect face-to-face with customers, suppliers, and colleagues in general. Since the kick-off of ICE last April, I think the agenda of trade shows and events has been very intense throughout the year and promises to be even more so next year.

I really can’t say whether this is a good thing or not. In the beginning, you want to be at all the events and, as time goes by, you start to be more selective and strategic.

In 2022, I would single out ICE for its size and importance in the industry, and for having taken the “first step” after the pandemic. I would also point out G2E in Las Vegas, which surprised everyone with a large number of attendees and companies, I would say at pre-pandemic levels.

In 2023, we will, I reckon, again be selective and strategic, try to lean on our partners, and maybe surprise in jurisdictions we haven’t reached yet.

What can we expect from END 2 END in 2023, and can you anticipate any launches or deals?

In 2022 we have sown to reap in 2023. Many projects negotiated and closed in 2022 will surely see the light of day or be launched during the next year. The size or projection of some of them can take END 2 END to the next level, and we are really hopeful that this will happen.

We don’t like to anticipate deals or launches, but what I can say is that the main objectives for 2023 will be focused on expanding to new jurisdictions and adding new functionalities to our platform, in order to meet the different needs of our current and future clients.

What would be your year-end message to the sector? Where will the industry continue to grow, and what changes do you think are in store for 2023?

We are part of an industry that is estimated to grow at a rate of 12% per year (CAGR) until 2030. This will require increasing levels of specialization, and these specialists interact with higher and more flexible levels of collaboration.

We are committed to this: to be one of the best specialists in our niche or business vertical and to be able to provide a product/service of the highest quality for operators and users.

Finally, and after a very intense year, I wish you all a very happy holiday season and an excellent start to the new year!