A new survey from the Responsible Gambling Council (RGC) shows that four in ten Ontario sports bettors (41 percent) will place a wager on Super Bowl LVIII. Of all who plan to bet on the big game, the vast majority (80 percent) will do so online.

According to a press release shared by the Council, the survey found most online bettors use multiple sportsbook platforms when placing bets; 85 percent use up to three, and 15 percent use four or more. Over half (58 percent) will check to see if a sportsbook website is regulated.

Over half (54 percent) of those who bet on the Super Bowl say their main reason to bet is to add to the excitement of the game. Over a quarter (28 percent) bet because family or friends are betting and more than half (56 percent) of respondents say they tend to bet more than usual when watching with these relations. This jumps to two-thirds of younger bettors (69 percent of those aged 18-34) and is highest amongst those who bet on sports regularly (81 percent).

Three-quarters (74 percent) of Ontario adults believe their sports knowledge gives them an edge in predicting outcomes. This jumps to almost 9 in 10 (85 percent) of those who bet on sports regularly. The misconception that one can accurately predict an outcome can lead to overconfidence and the illusion of control. This false belief can increase risk, influencing some to bet more than they can afford to lose.

Additional risk is associated with the consumption of substances that can impair judgment and decision-making. Almost three-quarters of those who bet (72 percent) plan to consume alcohol, cannabis, or other substances during the Super Bowl. Two-fifths (42 percent) tend to bet more when they partake.

Staying Onside While many Ontarians will be placing bets, the majority (78 percent) of Super Bowl bettors have at least one strategy to manage their gambling risk. The most common strategies include determining a pre-set betting limit (36 percent), betting to have fun and not to make money (25 percent), and not betting more to recoup losses (18 percent).

Paying attention to mood and state of mind, two-fifths (22 percent) commit to never betting while intoxicated, and a fifth will not bet if they are feeling depressed or anxious (17 percent).

“The good news is that all regulated sports book websites have responsible gambling features, but they vary from site to site,” the Council stated. “Of those surveyed, two-fifths (38 percent) read online information about the odds of winning and how certain games work. Those watching the Super Bowl are most likely to use money limit-setting tools (38 percent) or take a cooling-off period (27 percent).”

“With most of Ontario’s Super Bowl betting happening online, it’s encouraging to see the majority of bettors using responsible gambling features on regulated sports book websites,” says Shelley White, CEO, of Responsible Gambling Council. “Whether betting on or offline, perceived knowledge of the game, being with friends and family, and substance use can all influence how we play. Staying within a pre-set limit and not risking more than you can afford to lose is always a good game plan.”

How Ontarians plan to bet on the Super Bowl While most betting on the Super Bowl will place a single bet on the outcome of the game (64 percent), a third (36 percent) will bet multiple times throughout the game, and a quarter (25 percent) will bet multiple times by using several sportsbook websites.

44 percent will bet online with a sportsbook website 44 percent will bet with friends 27 percent will buy sport-based lottery tickets 23 percent will bet on a pool How much Ontario Super Bowl bettors plan to wager 50 percent say they will bet less than $50 42 percent say they will bet between $51 and $250 6 percent say they will bet more than $250