The start of the year tends to be a key time in the calendar for companies, which utilize the opportunity to share their roadmap for the upcoming 12-month period. In the case of affiliate marketing expert Eightroom and Vpag, its turnkey payments solution, the focus will be placed on advancing the performance of gambling businesses in the context of major regulatory shifts in Brazil.

It is not yet possible to predict all the changes that gaming and betting regulation may bring for companies in the sector. However, there will certainly be several transformations in the market, and brands that operate in the different levels of this ecosystem will need to adapt their operations to comply with the new rules.

This adaptation process is a priority for Eightroom, which sees the challenge as one of its main institutional tasks at the beginning of 2024. In conversation with some of the company’s executives, they identified some of the key points of this moment of change.

Over its almost two decades of operation, one of Eightroom’s biggest differentiators has been delivering results through marketing products. Given this, the company is already anticipating the self-regulation rules for betting advertising in Brazil, presented by Conar (the Brazilian Advertising Self-Regulation Council), so that both its marketing products (which already followed MGA guidelines) and Vpag comply with Annex X of the National Advertising Self-Regulation Council.

As part of this process, Eightroom is preparing itself to only serve operators who have obtained, or who have expressed interest, in obtaining a license. For other operators, neither financial products (Wallet and Flash) nor marketing services will be offered.

Through this measure, the company seeks to reaffirm its commitment to supporting and operating in a regulated market. Through Vpag, Eightroom is already authorized to create payment accounts registered with the Central Bank for Brazilian users. But other good practices should attract the attention of major players in the market as well.

Article 23 of Brazil’s Betting Law deals with the verification of a bettor’s identity. While this is a key rule for gambling operators, it is also in line with the verification process carried out by Vpag, which already has active technologies for validating documents and verifying identity in less than 5 minutes. Such actions, added to the product’s continuous focus on the user experience, contribute to greater player value, Eightroom notes.

All of these issues and other company priorities will be highlighted during ICE London 2024, which takes place between the 6th and 8th of February at ExCel London. Last year, Eightroom announced first-hand key details about Vpag at the expo.

These topics were fleshed out, worked on, and then officially released throughout the season. Given ICE London’s status as one of the biggest trade events, Eightroom sees here a very relevant opportunity to connect with other global players in the sector.

Eightroom will bring 12 company representatives to ICE London, including its CEO, directors and specialists in areas such as payments, content and sales. Vpag’s stand will be N10-251, while Eightroom’s will be S9-250. If you or your company attend ICE, this is a great opportunity to connect.