Between October 22 and 25, Money 20/20, the global fintech conference, took place in Las Vegas. Among the main players in the financial ecosystem is PayBrokers, which participated in the event with its payment solutions.

CEO Edson Lenzi and foreign exchange specialist Carolina Nigro attended in representation of the Brazilian company. “Our presence demonstrates PayBrokers’ commitment to stay updated and competitive on the international scene, something fundamental in a sector as dynamic and innovative as fintechs,” Nigro said.

During the days of the conference, PayBrokers participated in talks, panels, and workshops on topics relevant to the payments market. In addition, the company took advantage of the exhibition to present its products and solutions to the U.S. market.

“Foreign exchange is an instrument of global financial inclusion, and we simplify this process. That is what we are looking for at Money2020: new technologies and strategic partnerships,” the company highlighted during the event in Las Vegas.